Here I share the top videos, sermons, and audio messages that have impacted my life powerfully. May God bless you with these.

Ever wished or wondered if there was more than one “path” to heaven? Watch this powerful video. [Thanks to Alpha and Omega Institute were I first came across this video]

Powerful video by Living Waters on “Choice” [Thanks to for sharing this first]

Leighton Flower’s best video in my opinion. Please watch it. It’s worth it. Even if you are a Calvinist. [Thank you Mom and Dad who first found Leighton Flower’s channel and encouraged me to blog about it]

Ever wondered if whether God’s love is actually reckless as Cory Asbury’s song says? Pastor Mike Winger graciously compares the song Reckless Love as well as Cory Asbury’s defense of it to scripture. Enjoy!

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