Got Any Nominations For Me?

Do you have any nominations, awards, or tags for me? Please comment below. I will consider participating and let you know if I can. Thank you so much!!!!


41 thoughts on “Got Any Nominations For Me?”

  1. Hi dear one! I have just nominated you for the Liebster Award. Please see my latest post with all details. If you choose not to do, that is alright, but you can take all the time you want. It took me 3 weeks to get it all together! Anyway, it is just some love passed along and wanted you to have some. Let me know if you decide to participate! Blessings on all your writing here. GOD LOVES YOU!

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        1. That happens…….first time I was ever nominated for something (don’t remember the award) I was so overwhelmed I never responded!! The rules in this award were easy to do……..I think when it is too involved it could intimidate. Blessings on you!

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  2. Hey! Just wanted you to know that I tagged you in my Sunshine Blogger nomination. The post will be coming out tomorrow, so if you want to participate, make sure to check it out!

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  3. Hey, Faith. How are you doing? I pray you are doing well.
    Just wanted to let you know I have nominated you for the Sisterhood of the World Blogger Award. Whether we’re keeping in touch daily or it’s been awhile , I am grateful for the fellowship God has allowed, and I am praying for you as often as the Lord allows. Stay safe and well during this time.
    Below is the link to your nomination. Please do not feel obligated to participate, nor rushed if you do. Do as the Lord leads you!
    God loves you!


  4. Hey there! I’m contacting you ’cause you filled out an ARC request for my upcoming novel, Love and Memory, but you put, I think, your last name in the email blank? Regardless, I don’t have a means to actually send you the book! If you wouldn’t mind emailing me at kendraeardnek(at)gmail(dot)com, I can get it fixed around and I’ll send you the book right off, just as soon as it’s ready! Thanks so much for your interest!

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    1. Oohh! I was already looking at that on Abby Elissa’s blog. It sort of starts the same day my spring break ends, though, so I’m sort of torn. The form you sent me seems to be closed, but it does have a link to the sharing about the tour signups. Is that what you had in mind. I’d love to hear more about this, it sounds awesome.

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