Photo Gallery

Almost all my awesome photos all bundled up in a bunch of goodness called THE PHOTO GALLERY!!!!!!! You should seriously check it out. Like seriously. I seriously say seriously seriously way to much. Seriously. (I’m VERY serious).

Got Any Nominations For Me?

If you have any nominations for me or tags or awards or whatever else they call them…..just let me know here. If I have time I’ll probably do them. If I don’t…….I’ll be like “Oh that looks awesome!” **looks at watch** “Umm…I guess I’ll do it later? Like in a couple months…or years?”. But, hopefully I will have time……I mean I’m homeschooled……how could I not have time?


This is where I have all my favorite and most impacting messages that I’ve heard stored. You should really check it out. After all, it all my FAVORITE things! I’ve really enjoyed these powerful messages and I hope you will too.

Featured Songs

Every week I (try to) feature a song that goes along with my post. I store the current one as well as previous ones here. If you’re looking for really good, awesome, Christian music, this is the right place. It should grow WEEKLY. No, I did not say weakly, I said WEEKLY! Like every Saturday or something.

Favorite Books

In the near future, I will be storing all of my favorite books here. And since I do read a lot…….you should find a pretty good booklist. If there is still not a link, that’s probably because it hasn’t quite been created yet, but you can come back in a little bit and it will better.



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