Giveaways, Book Sales, and P.D. Atkerson

Hey folks! Today I’m here with a pretty exciting announcement. And yes, it all has to do with giveaways, book sales, and P.D. Atkerson. 😉

Perhaps I should keep you in suspense, but honestly I am so excited I would rather just get it out and tell you now!!

Starting today, I am hosting an eBook giveaway of “Wandering of the Stars” by P.D. Atkerson!!!

Wandering of the Stars Cover belongs to P.D. Atkerson. E-Reader graphic is from Ereader Vectors by Vecteezy

But that’s not all! There is more!!

First off, there is a MASSIVE eBook sale starting right now on P.D. Atkerson’s books. Over the next two weeks, THREE of P.D. Atkerson’s books will be going on sale for FREE!!! And two others will only be 99 cents! Check out her post here for all the details of when and how.

Most importantly, “Testing of the Stars” is FREE on Kindle right now!! It’s actually one of my very favorite P.D. Atkerson books and it is also is the book BEFORE Wandering of the Stars (which I’m giving away!).

Not only that, but this whole giveaway is in honor of Testing of the Stars’ one year anniversary, which falls on November 28th!

If you like good, clean, and just plain AWESOME sci-fi, I wholeheartedly recommend it. If you didn’t hear me before…

Get “Testing of the Stars,” the first book in the series, for free here now through November 19th!

Secondly, another blogging friend of mine is also putting on a giveaway for one of P.D. Atkerson’s books (this time Deadlock). There’s a little bit of a challenge involved and I must say, it looks pretty fun! You can check it out here.

And now…more about the giveaway.

First off…about P.D. Atkerson. The mysterious writer behind all these books. She seems to be most famous for her series AKA Simon Lee and has a very devoted fan base. How she keeps up with all her various projects and new books and series’, is beyond me, but they certainty seem to get more and more interesting as they grow. I cannot say for certain, but I believe her favorite Bible verse might be Psalm 45:1, based on her blog. However, having never asked her, I truly do not know.

Here’s what she has to say about herself. Or at least what a third-person narrator has to say. 🤔

P.D. Atkerson is a homeschooled writer, living in Montana. She spends almost as much time in the worlds she creates as she does the real one. When she’s not reporting the stories of Simon Lee and other heroes, she’s making cakes, learning a different language or traveling to different worlds through the portals of books. She has a black belt in sarcasm and a master’s degree in useless facts.

About the Giveaway

What are you giving away? An eBook copy of “Wandering of the Stars” by P.D. Atkerson. It is the second in the Of the Stars series, and is preceded by “Testing of the Stars.”

What is the book about? Wandering of the Stars is a science fiction adventure story where Star Wars meets Keepers of the Lost Cities meets Firmament (by J. Grace Pennington). That is my description, at least. 😄 Here is the real synopsis:

The attack on the Academy was only the beginning of the adventure for Max O’Brian. Two months later, he finds himself placed back on active duty. Max knew things would change after their early graduation, but being summoned to speak before the Council was not anything he expected. And definitely not the meaning behind the summons. From the Alliance base in D.C. to the distant plains of an alien planet, Max soon learns the Galaxy is becoming a small place. The Novens are closing in, and nowhere is truly safe anymore. Either in this star system or another.

When can I enter? 11/15/2021 (now) to 11:59 PM 11/27/21 MST

Where and when do I find out who won? Here at, sometime on November 28th.

How can I enter? You can click here or scroll down just a little bit further to see and enter the giveaway.

How can I get bonus entries? All kinds of ways! From following P.D. Atkerson’s blog, sharing this post, and answering trivia questions about books by P.D. Atkerson you’ve already read, I’ve made lots of fun ways to participate and get extra points in the giveaway!!

What if I just want to buy the book, instead of leaving it to chance in a giveaway? You can absolutely buy Wandering of the Stars, and the author appreciates it a lot. Do know that Wandering of the Stars doesn’t release until November 27th (which happens to be the last day of the giveaway), but you can preorder it before it even releases here!

I already preordered Wandering of the Stars or I don’t want to enter the giveaway. What else can I do to help? On top of supporting indie authors by buying their books, two big things you can do to help are sharing about their books and content in your own sphere of influence (even just sharing this post on your own blog or social media!) and following their blog. P.D. Atkerson even has special Top Secret Files built into her blog for readers who have read the AKA Simon Lee series. It’s also where you will find info about her awesome sales, so I definitely recommend following it. You can check out P.D. Atkerson’s blog here.


Enjoy the giveaway! I can’t wait to see who wins.

I’ll be posting a review of Testing of the Stars (the first book) very shortly and soon after that, I’ll post my review of Wandering of the Stars, so watch out for that.

Hope you are all having a blessed week.

“Do not fear or be dismayed! Be strong and courageous, for thus the Lord will do to all your enemies with whom you fight.”

-Joshua 10:25b (NASB1995)

P.S. I was able to confirm with the author that she at least thinks Psalm 45:1 is her favorite Bible verse. But she’s not sure. Actually, I think she said “sure” but…I think we’ll stick with that. Psalm 45:1 is P.D. Atkerson’s favorite Bible verse until reported otherwise. 😉

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