12 Days of Christmas | Day 2 | Christmas Books

Welcome back to Day 2 of the 12 Days of Christmas blog party!!

I love reading books. If it’s possible to read too many books, I might read too many books. I also love sharing books I love with other people! Maybe it’s why I like reading books outloud so much. 🙂

So today I’d like to share my favorite Christmas books and stories! Most of them are short stories, but they were all super fun to read.

*Disclaimer: these books/stories are not arranged randomly and the order they appear in means nothing*

1) Behold by Faith Potts

Not only is Faith Potts an awesome blogger and the hostess of this awesome blog tour, but her books are AMAZING! This is a collection of 4 awesome sweet stories centered around Christmas and the birth of the Savior of the world!! I enjoyed every minute of it.

2) Finding Christmas Joy by Amanda Tero

I read this one just a few days ago and I liked it even more than I expected. It was a lot different than other things I’ve read from Amanda Tero, so it was a nice surprise. Nice short Christmas story that focuses on the true and deep meaning of Christmas.

3) Kind by Kellyn Roth

Kellyn Roth’s short stories are always THE BEST so I knew I was going to enjoy this short story. I was a little confused at first though (probably from only partly reading the blurb), so just know that it is about an American soldier stationed in Germany (not a German soldier).

4) Unwrapping Hope by Sandra Ardoin

This one is more of a novella, and I loved it! Here’s my review:

Unwrapping Hope (Widow's Might #0.5)Unwrapping Hope by Sandra Ardoin
My rating: 5 of 5 stars

I was surprised by just how much I enjoyed this short story. The plot, the timing, the themes, I just loved it all! It ends with Christmas, so it’d make a good Christmas read. I really appreciated how the MC’s were honestly flawed, but learned to admit their faults and find healing. While romance is probably, technically the main plot I felt like it didn’t overdo it and it was definitely complex enough to be interesting and enjoyable to someone who doesn’t usually read romance. I highly recommend it.

Note: I received this as an ARC from StoryOrigin in exchange for an honest review.

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5) The Least of These by Kate Willis

This is a Christmas story that goes along with Kate Willis’ book “Kiera.” It’s awesome.

6) Red Boots by Kate Willis

This one was super short, it felt like, but really heartwarming and sweet. Great for a five minute read.

7) The Christmas Blessing by Melody Carlson

I’ve been debating putting this one on here. For one thing, I know other people haven’t liked this story. But I really enjoyed it. Sure, it could have been better, but the plot had me almost squealing at times. But I can’t say any more or it will ruin it!! I feel like it could have been a lot longer and that some scenes were skipped simply to keep it novella length, but it really could have been much longer (and it would have been nice). You would most likely enjoy, but it wouldn’t hurt to check out some other reviews first.

And that’s it for today! Hope you enjoyed!

Have you read any other these books? Are there any that look cool?

Have an awesome day. 🙂

Song of the Day:

These words, which I am commanding you today, shall be on your heart. And you shall repeat them diligently to your sons and speak of them when you sit in your house, when you walk on the road, when you lie down, and when you get up.”

-Deuteronomy 6:4-7 (NASB)

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I’ll be back tomorrow with Christmas…recipes!!

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