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Hello. Was May really the last time I posted?

I’ve had a good summer so far. It hasn’t been an easy summer, but God has been good. Isn’t that always the case? I look back at rough days, beautiful days, in-between days, and there is no denying that God is indeed good. I’m still discovering all of what that means, but I plan on learning more and more each day.

Today I am here with The Bookworm’s Tag, which my dear friend Amber @ Dancing for the Holy One tagged me for. She must know me well, for I love books. =)

Thank you for tagging me, Amber!!

The Rules:

  • Thank and link to the blogger who nominated you
  • Include the tag graphic in your post
  • Answer the ten questions the blogger asked
  • Nominate between five and ten bloggers
  • Ask your nominees ten book-related questions!
  • Don’t feel bound to these rules
  • (Most importantly) Have fun!

Here are Amber’s questions and my answers!

1.What is your favorite writing style?

That’s a bit of a loaded question. Probably the best way I could describe (one of) my favorite writing style(s) would be weaving. I love books that intricately weave a beautiful, impacting story together. I love books that leave you musing on them and soaking up the picturesque prose. The authors that I’ve found best exemplify this style would probably be Amanda Dykes, Susie Finkbeiner, and some of Charles Martin (I’ve heard not all of his stuff is like that). But I also like different writing styles depending on my mood, the genre, and a whole lot of other things.

2. On average, how long does it take you to read a 400-page book?

Often about 2 days. If we’re going for average instead of median, though, I’d say 3-5 days.

3. What is your favorite books series?

Heh. Like which one of my favorite series? The Wingfeather Saga, The Accidental Cases of Emily Abbott, and the Out of Time series are the top three if that’s narrow enough. 😉

4. If you were to write a book/novel, what type of book would it be.?

It would probably be contemporary, western, fantasy, or action genre (so narrow, I know 😉 ). Actually, it would probably be contemporary. And the 1st draft synopsis would probably look like this:

Lissa is a quiet but determined girl, wrapt up in a struggle bigger than she understands. She goes from business pitch to business pitch as an entrepreneur, now that she has finally finished her master’s degree. Worn-out, and a touch lonely, Lissa decides to enjoy the Tanzania country for two weeks before what she hopes will be her best business pitch ever. She little guesses that just after God opens a new door, he will close the door on her biggest dreams forever.

Jana grew up in poverty and her greatest dream is to escape it and live in America. When she rediscovers the God who changes everything, her dreams are turned upside-down. Then, when Jana meets a girl named Lissa, and the fulfillment of her dreams is finally in her grasp, Jana must choose between chasing her dreams, or surrendering to God’s dreams for her.

So yeah, that’s probably what it would be like. 😉

5. Do you take the dust jacket (or ‘book cover protector’) off when reading a book?

I have mixed opinions on this. On one hand, dust jackets are just plain impractical. Sometimes, if they are super slide-y they’re actually annoying because they won’t stay on or stay flat. They also tend to get wrinkled really easily if they aren’t slide-y, and plain books can be so much nicer. But then…sometimes they are so pretty! And nice to have on a new book. Sometimes I like them. And other times I can’t stand them.

6. If you could only read 3 books for the rest of your life, what books would they be?

How could you ask such a question??? Three books? 😦 Oh well. Let’s see…#1 The Bible, #2 Probably The Disciplines of a Godly Woman (don’t even own it, but when I read it was super instrumental in my life), and something fiction. Not sure what that “something fiction” is yet though. How about…Lord of the Rings? I haven’t read all of it and it’s nice and long. Not that I can actually choose just 1 fiction book, but yunno.

7. Is there a certain book that you thought you’d hate, but ended up really liking?

Well, usually it goes the opposite way. But I suppose two books I’m thinking of might qualify. A Voice in the Wind by Francine Rivers I was fully prepared to hate but ended up mostly liking it (still not sure if I’d fully recommend it because of some content issues). Dewdrops And Butterflies by Libby May is a book I was skeptical of (I mean…butterflies?) but turned out to be an impactful, awesome read about foster care. It’s on my top books list now. But I didn’t think I’d hate it…just was a little skeptical, so I don’t know if it counts.

8. Would you prefer to read in a library or a park?

Hmm…well, I love libraries. But I don’t really read in them…I mostly just love looking around for books and seeing lots of books and getting lots of books. So if there was a nice park with a nice place to sit I might prefer reading in a park to reading in a library. But I don’t know…I’ve never really tried either one, honestly, or thought about how I liked it.

I nominate:

If you choose to accept my nomination, here are the questions!

  1. What’s are two books you would and have recommended over and over again?
  2. What’s a fictional book that helped you understand God better?
  3. What are two authors that you think have a very similar style of writing?
  4. Have you ever almost guessed every single plot twist in a book? What book was it?
  5. What are two fictional characters who could almost sum up your personality?
  6. Are you the person constantly getting more book recommendations than you could ever keep up with or are you the person always recommending tons of awesome books? Or something in-between?
  7. Has a book ever made you appreciate something (or a food, in particular) more than you did before? What was it (the book and the “thing”)?
  8. What is a book that has made you both laugh and cry? (If you don’t have one, you could pick one for each, I suppose).
  9. What’s one book (fiction or nonfiction) other than the Bible that you wish every single person on the planet would read?
  10. Would you consider yourself a bookworm? If so (or if not), how many books do you read each month?

Have fun! Feel free to do this tag on your own blog, even if I didn’t tag you. I’d love to see your answers!!

“Now there are also many other things that Jesus did. Were every one of them to be written, I suppose that the world itself could not contain the books that would be written.”

-John 21:25

Have a splendid day! The Lord be with you.

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