Lyrics to I Believe

I Believe by Mike Winger

Verse 1:

I believe the Father sent the Son
Who sent the Spirit to His children
In earnest of the coming life
A promise to the bride of Christ
I believe that all creation sings
A song of worship to the King of kings
Revealing unseen attributes
Man now left with no excuse


I believe

Verse 2:

I believe in all the prophets said
That You’d die and that You’d rise again
I believe the darkness hates the Light
Man’s only hope man crucified
I believe they dragged You through the town
Made You wear the cursed crown
Drove the nails into Your hands and feet
The stripes You bore were meant for me
The shame and all the misery
You bore the chastisement of my peace


And as I eat the broken bread
I’ll remember what you did
God prepared himself an offering
And as I drink the crimson cup
I won’t forget what you gave up
You stained yourself so that I could be clean

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