Recent Photos and Baby Goats

Hello everyone!!!!!!! Life has been wonderful over here (for the most part) and we’ve been having wonderful weather! It’s been so beautiful I’ve been wanting to take lots of pictures, but pictures just really don’t do it justice.

My calfy-walfy (my bottle-calf) has been doing mostly splendidly. Getting pictures of him turned out a little harder than I thought. One moment he was way over there. He had just seen me and was running through the thick grass with his little tail in the air.

IMG_3179 as Smart Object-1

The next moment I tried to take a picture of him….uh…well…’ll see.

This was all I got.

IMG_3184 as Smart Object-1

Yeah. He likes me I guess. Or he wanted some more milk. Either one.

I tried running a little bit and then turning around real fast to try and snap a picture of him before he got to me. Nope. Didn’t work. He’s too fast. I just ended up out of breath and with more calf slobber on my jeans.

So……..I tried climbing on a rock. It….sort of worked. Sort of.

He’s so cute. He loves to be rubbed under his neck. At least whenever he isn’t focused on getting milk. He’ll just start sucking on your fingers.

When he was younger it was okay except for the slobber part, of which he produces gallons, but now he has developed his sandpaper tongue and it kinda hurts. He’s getting so big!!!!!

My sister and my mom were able to get a picture or two of him when he was grazing, a little more recently.

Isn’t he cute? Don’t you love him? I’ve been halter training him and he’s getting pretty good on the halter. I think he wishes he had his own real herd, though. He will once he’s a little bigger and doesn’t need a bottle.

We still have a problem: he comes to Oliver when I call him, and Oliver just matches him. However, everyone else, excepting my dad who just calls him whatever the person he’s with happens to call him, calls him Marco.

When I had my sister edit the previous post I did on Oliver and I was mentioning the disagreement about his name, good thing I read over her edits because this is what I found.

This was what the sentence was supposed to say:

His name is Oliver. But my sister would probably say his name is Marco (it’s not). I think Oliver matches him.

This is what she edited it to say:

His name is Oliver. But my sisters would probably say his name is definitely Marco (because it is). But I think Oliver matches him.

Very sly. She didn’t actually change what I said, after all.

It gave me a good laugh, though. Anyway… everyone calls him Marco…..but I’m the one who takes care of him and feeds him, and after all, he likes me best because I’m his adopted mommy. So shouldn’t I get to name him? I guess I’ll just keep calling him Oliver and they’ll keep calling him Marco and we’ll all just keep going on like this. Forever. Oh well.

All the goats are so big!!! Everything is getting so big!! All the animals are growing up. Little ity-bity Lyrabella is SOOO big now. She’s bigger than her brother, Oxford.

Below is Killarney and Lyrabella, and then on the right, just Lyrabella. She’s a silly little goat.

Guess what?

We have ANOTHER BABY GOAT here on the farm!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Diamond had a kid!

Diamond is my favorite goat, although she is the most mischevious of them all. She’s a La Mancha, which means she is extra curious, stubborn, and has little tiny ears called ‘gopher ears’.

This is Diamond.

IMG_2555 as Smart Object-1

We decided to name the kid Tolkien. He’s so cute! He is a cross between La Mancha and Nigerian Dwarf. Because of which, his ears are kind of funny. They are mostly gopher ears, but they are a little longer and look almost like elf ears.

He’s not the most photogenic, but I managed to get some pictures of him with a little help from my brother.

I love this little guy! He’s already almost as big as Gandolf. (Not quite. Gandolf is GIANT, though). He takes after his mom and likes to butt away all the other goats. Just for fun of course. His mommy takes it all very seriously.

Now for some random pretty photos!!!!!! Enjoy! (Remember: no stealing.)

I was trying to get some pictures of the birds at our bird feeders but didn’t have much to show for all the time I sat there waiting. They didn’t like the noise of the shutter and my only lens doesn’t do a good job of getting in close. Some of them were in focus enough for me to crop them a bunch, though, so here they are!

This was the most in focus of all the ones I took of the hummingbirds. For some reason, the hummingbirds weren’t as afraid of me, but they sure are fast!

IMG_3550 as Smart Object-1

This one was cropped a lot. Goldfinches aren’t very sociable. The chickadees and juncos were a little better.

IMG_3559 as Smart Object-1

The hummingbird wasn’t very in focus in this picture, but the lighting was so pretty!

IMG_3564 as Smart Object-1

This one is funny! It was also cropped a lot and was part of a much larger frame. I got it just as the junco began taking off and thus…the wings. It’s still sort of cool, although it is a little blurry.

IMG_3535 as Smart Object-1

Our herbs have been very productive lately! I love having a whole patch of oregano to pick from when I cook! We also have thyme, parsley, and cilantro. The dill plant isn’t currently producing or has disappeared.

I realized after a second glance at this photo that this was not herbs but some sort of lush weed growing in our garden. Anyway, I took a picture of my feet!

IMG_3081 as Smart Object-1

My week has been mostly trying to work on my bad attitude and then making a little progress and then failing and feeling discouraged. I also got sick on Saturday evening and woke up even more sick on Sunday. I still have a chest cough which is a little annoying, but I’m thankful to be feeling a lot better. I got through Camp NaNo, but because of my cold or the flu, whatever it was, I only made it to 18,000 instead of 20,000 words. Still, it’s cool. I lowered my word count goal once I got sick, so I technically won.


My sister just made banana chocolate chip muffins so that makes me feel better. I AM DETERMINED TO BE JOYFUL THIS WEEK. With or without banana chocolate chip muffins. It makes me smile just thinking of how blessed I am……..**happy sigh**. I really am so blessed!!!!!

IMG_3056 as Smart Object-1

I hope you all had a wonderful Resurrection Sunday! Have a wonderful month of May!

IMG_2994 as Smart Object-1

Hope you enjoyed all the photos and the update on farm life ’round here!!!

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This week’s song is Wonderfully Made by Ellie Holcomb. I love this song, so make sure and check it out! Lyrics here.

God be with you through everything you may find yourself doing this week! God be with you all!!!!!

“The king answered Daniel and said, “Surely your God is a God of gods and a Lord of kings and a revealer of mysteries, since you have been able to reveal this mystery.” -Daniel 2:47 (NASB)

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