Our Worth and Our Unworthiness

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Undying Joy

Do you know someone who is very creative and talented? I know several such people. Be it photography, art, music, etc. they seem to have a special talent for it.

I know someone who can create any piece of art, compose the most amazing music ever, and owns the most beautiful photographs I’ve ever seen. All without having to experiment first. He doesn’t have to use a color palette to compare colors and make sure they go together. He doesn’t even have to browse Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. He should really be famous. But no. He’s not. In fact, very few people know about this incredible artist. If you’re wondering who I’m talking about, it’s God. 🙂

The God of the Bible, the King that I serve, is the one and only truly creative being. Think about it. Even the most breath-taking photograph is just a copy of what…

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Author: Faith on the Farm

I’m just a Christian girl who’s striving to glorify God here on the farm. I love sunsets, roses, my dog, and about everything you can photograph on a farm. As you’ve probably guessed, I love photography. When I’m not reading my bible or working on schoolwork, you’ll probably find me cooking, practicing cello, or somewhere outside with my dog by my side and camera in hand. I also love to sing my heart out to my Saviour.