Fall is Here! (Or a some kind of photo dump)

It is finally starting to feel like Fall has mostly arrived. So far it has been the warmest Fall that I remember! Most people (normal people) are wearing coats by now, but it hasn’t gotten down to 35 degrees yet, thus it is still too warm for so much as wearing long-sleeved shirts. I run warm. How did I ever survive Summer?

This post will mostly be a bunch of photos with my commentary mingled amongst them.

We are in the middle of fall calving right now. The baby calves are all so cute! I got some great pictures of a baby calf that I caught fast asleep. It barely woke up when I came over to it, so I just kept creeping closer and snapping pictures. Here are some of them.

IMG_1493 as Smart Object-1IMG_1491 as Smart Object-1IMG_1488 as Smart Object-1

This was the closest up I got until the calf got up. To bad. I really wanted to pet it.

IMG_1484 as Smart Object-1

In this photo you can see the protective mama cow in the background. There was an electric fence in between her and her calf, and she did not appreciate me getting so close to her adorable calf. She kept making mooing sounds, trying to tell her calf to get up and away from me.

IMG_1480 as Smart Object-1

Then the calf got up and I snapped one picture of her (below) before she ran off to her mama.

IMG_1495 as Smart Object-1

Then I noticed that my dad was in the middle of letting the spring calving group of mamas and grown up calves into a beautiful field of fall pasture. “What a good photo opportunity!” I thought. So I ran down to capture some photos of that. They turned out nice and worked out well for some photos I was needing to get for my dad. Here are some.

IMG_1572 as Smart Object-1IMG_1550 as Smart Object-1IMG_1546 as Smart Object-1

I love them!!!! I also got some good photos of the fence (I know, sounds SOO boring).

IMG_1553 as Smart Object-1 - CopyIMG_1557 as Smart Object-1IMG_1569 as Smart Object-1

Now for Autumn pictures!

More Leaves!

IMG_1742 as Smart Object-1IMG_1740 as Smart Object-1

Lastly, here are two photos of some store-bought chicks. They’re getting pretty big!

IMG_1636 as Smart Object-1IMG_1670 as Smart Object-1

Hope you enjoyed this somewhat random and short post!


Check out my updated photo gallery here! I like it a lot better than the old one:)

Have a great day!

“Then David the king went in and sat before the Lord, and he said, “Who am I, O Lord God, and what is my house, that You have brought me this far?” -2 Samuel 7:18 (NASB)


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