My Summer in Review

Hello, and welcome back to Faith on the Farm! You have probably seen a lot of these sort of posts in the last couple of weeks, as summer comes to a close and we all reflect on how our summers were spent.

In everything I do my biggest question to myself is “Was this done to glorify God? Did I grow?”. So…..did everything I did this summer glorify God? Did I grow this summer? For the first question all I can say is “I hope so”. I’m not perfect, I make mistakes, and this summer was no exception. However, I’m always growing in my faith, and I hope I can have humility and learn from my mistakes. On the second question, the answer is an empathetic “Yes”. Yes, indeed! I grew so much this summer, and as painful as some of it was, I am so very thankful for it all.

One of the biggest ways I grew was by volunteering as a camp counselor at a local Christian camp. There is simply so much patience and humility that can only be learned from kids. I also learned that I simply cannot compromise on my time with God everyday, no matter how busy I am.

With the rest of this post, I would like to review some of the goals and plans I had for my summer that I wrote about in my post “Schedules and Plans“.

Here is a quote from the post:

What other stuff do I want to do this summer?

  • I want to learn Symphonic Variations for cello (It’s pretty hard).
  • I want to continue to read. A lot.
  • I need to organize my desk (notice I said NEED TO not want to).
  • I want to improve my photography skills.
  • Most importantly, I want to dramatically improve my prayer life and Bible study. I want to thirst for God’s word and feed on it. I want to rely entirely on God. I want that God would be my joy continually and that He would lead me, and help me, and uphold me. Amen

On Symphonic Variations…….well I can mostly play through the first three out of six pages. Does that count? I really wasn’t very focused on cello this summer, and I was actually feeling a little discouraged about it. I’m hoping that being on a schedule of some sorts will help me to practice more consistently.

I really didn’t have time for reading……..I can’t even think of any particular book that I read.  I did read a fair amount though. Just not as much as I wanted to. I’m currently halfway through a book called “When People are Big, and God is Small” by Edward T. Welch. So far it is an excellent read, so I recommend it, and I will probably finish it in a couple of days. Now that school has started, I actually have much more time for reading, and plan to read quite a lot.

YAY!!!! Something I actually did……I actually organized my desk. Of course it was kind of necessary for the school year, but I did it! And now my desk is nice and clean and straight, and the drawers are pretty much tidy. In case you are wondering what my desk looks like now, I will give a very brief description. My desk is a wooden desk with four drawers, and it is completely empty on top except for my bible, which is currently resting there. So no, I don’t really decorate my desk, although I do have a big sign that says “Have You Practiced Cello Yet Today?” and a quote by Joan of Arc, taped to the wall by it.

My photography…I don’t know. I might have improved my photography skills a millimeter, but I really didn’t do much photography other than the photos that I shared in this post. I mean, I did take something around 300 or more photos, but most of them are deleted or not high enough quality. I guess if I try to think all the way back to before June, then my photography has probably improved.

IMG_0413 as Smart Object-1

Now on the last and most important point, I think I have a lot to work on. I really feel like this last week, I have really been failing at this. Although I’ve been reading my bible a lot and praying a fair amount, my mind wasn’t really focused on it, and as a result, it felt rather dry. I think this needs to be a continued goal and focus.

About the WordPress Christian Blog Directory, to be honest, I did absolutely zero work on it. If I have time I will work on it, but until then, I will just have to wait. So be patient.

So what have I done this summer? I volunteered at a Christian camp and got to share the gospel with kids. I moved lots and lots of sprinklers, and have been able to see my hard work pay off by seeing dry, rain-thirsty land become green and lush with pasture.

IMG_0437 as Smart Object-1

IMG_0294 as Smart Object-1

I spent time with my family and have become even closer to my siblings. I’ve fed countless bottles to little baby goats.

IMG_0798 as Smart Object-1

I cleaned and organized my desk. I grew so much in my relationship with Christ, and learned a lot about Him, as well as myself. Oh, I would never trade this summer for anything, and I’m so very thankful for it!!!!!!!!

For this fall, I’m preparing to launch into studying for my upcoming series “Think on these Thing”. An introduction to the series should come out in a couple of weeks. I will continue to post once a week on Saturdays until further notice, along with an occasional post on Wednesdays.

Starting Monday, I’m going to start journal writing daily to help me develop consistency in my writing. I’m kind of excited to be writing daily, and I might occasionally share the best of my writing here.

Thanks for reading this post! If you have any thoughts on it, please share via my contact form here. I really appreciate hearing from you!

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Have a wonderful week!

“Oh come, let us worship and bow down;
    let us kneel before the Lord, our Maker!
For he is our God,
    and we are the people of his pasture,
    and the sheep of his hand.” -Psalm 95:6-7 (ESV)

“The heart of man plans his way,
    but the Lord establishes his steps.”– Proverbs 16:9 (ESV)

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I’m just a Christian girl who’s striving to glorify God here on the farm. I love sunsets, roses, my dog, and about everything you can photograph on a farm. As you’ve probably guessed, I love photography. When I’m not reading my bible or working on schoolwork, you’ll probably find me cooking, practicing cello, or somewhere outside with my dog by my side and camera in hand. I also love to sing my heart out to my Saviour.

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