Schedules and Plans

Hello, welcome back to Faith on the Farm!! Today I will be sharing my prospective plan for blogging this summer, and some other goals and hopes. The nice thing about schedules and plans is that you can break them whenever you want to. For instance, if I was planning to write about one thing, but God was telling me that I really needed to write about something else, I can simply write whatever God wants me to.

There has been a demand for more farm-related posts, so whenever I have time, I will add farm updates and stuff to post on Wednesday, in between my regular posts.

During the summer, my posts will be scheduled to post on Saturday. However, I will be changing it (Lord willing) to Friday in the Fall.

So, without any further ado, here is the plan!!

2 more extensive spiritual life sort of posts:

  • July 21- The Purpose of Prayer
  • August 4- Serving Wholeheartedly

2 photography posts:

  • July 28- Recent Photography (Where I try to pick my best 8 pictures that I’ve taken so far this summer)
  • August 11- Me and My Cello

The rest of the summer:

  • August 18- Beloved
  • August 25- Something Like a Farm Tour
  • August 31- My Summer in Review

For Fall (which starts September 14th in my blogging mind), I’m very excited to announce a new series, that will last pretty much all of Fall. This is a series that the Lord has really laid on my heart as something I need to think about, talk about, and write about. It will be series based on Philippians 4:8.

And the title of this series is…………….

“Think on These Things”

Now that I am done with blogging plans, I will move on to summer plans in general.

This summer, I am volunteering for a couple weeks out of the summer, as a counselor at a Christian camp. On the weeks where I have camp, my blog posts will be written ahead of time and scheduled to post when I said they would be. It is my prayer that in these couple of week at camp, God would use me in ways that I have not known before. Please pray that I would be a light to the kids, and everyone around me.

Other than camp, I have a couple of other projects I’m working on this summer.

For one thing, I’m going to try to not eat as much sugar, to exercise, and get up at 6 or earlier (while still making sure to get in bed by 9 or earlier so that I get enough sleep).


What other stuff do I want to do this summer?

  • I want to learn Symphonic Variations for cello (It’s pretty hard).
  • I want to continue to read. A lot.
  • I need to organize my desk (notice I said NEED TO not want to).
  • I want to improve my photography skills.
  • Most importantly, I want to dramatically improve my prayer life and Bible study. I want to thirst for God’s word and feed on it. I want to rely entirely on God. I want that God would be my joy continually and that He would lead me, and help me, and uphold me. Amen

Thanks for reading about my goals, plans, and aspirations!

Note: Thanks to anyone who took my survey. However, for some reason, the questions I really wanted to hear answers to were not replied to. The questions were what can I do to improve. I would love to hear constructive criticism. I have not heard any feedback as to my writing, and would like to note that I would not feel the slightest bit hurt if you tore my writing apart and pointed out all my flaws, in order to help me improve. Thanks! You can take my survey here.

I pray that this blog would be a service and a light. If there is any way I can serve you through this blog or pray for you I would love to hear it. Please contact me here.

Thank you so much to you, reader, and to all my supporters and followers!!! I am very blessed.

“Blessed is the man who makes
    the Lord his trust,
who does not turn to the proud,
    to those who go astray after a lie!”

-Psalm 40:4 (ESV)

Author: Faith on the Farm

I’m just a Christian girl who’s striving to glorify God here on the farm. I love sunsets, roses, my dog, and about everything you can photograph on a farm. As you’ve probably guessed, I love photography. When I’m not reading my bible or working on schoolwork, you’ll probably find me cooking, practicing cello, or somewhere outside with my dog by my side and camera in hand. I also love to sing my heart out to my Saviour.